Unfortunately, you can no longer sign up. Over 800 readers are going to read the names.
The Names of all murdered Jews and Sinti and Roma from the Netherlands are listed in alphabetical order. For the exact times, see this page.
The museum will be open to the public from 13.00 on 22 January, after which it will be open day and night until 17.00 on 27 January. After that, the regular opening hours apply. Entrance to the museum is free during The Reading of the 102.000 Names.
For a description of the route to the museum and public transport look at this page  . The adress for your navigation system is Oosthalen 8, 9414TG Hooghalen.
It is not allowed to drive your own car to the former camp. This is due to the presence of sensitive measuring equipment of the Westerbork Synthesis Radio Telescope, next to the camp site. A shuttle bus runs from the museum to the camp site, also at night.
Of course you can take people with you. The tent offers enough space for listeners. And in the museum is a special room where you can watch and listen The Reading of the 102.000 Names
It is allowed to take pictures during The Reading of the 102.000 Names, as long as this does not disturb the readers and the public.

No, the reading won’t be recorded. However, it can be followed live via the website www.102000namenlezen.nl and www.nos.nl.

For accommodation we recommend the Hotel De Bonte Wever in Assen. For a package look at  https://www.debontewever.nl/hotelarrangement-hckw/.

At the reader tent toilets are available and readers and listeners can use a cup of coffee or tea. Some wheelchairs are available at this location. As a reader you will be taken by bus to the reader’s tent.
The museum café is open day and night during The Reading of the 102.000 Names.

Dogs are allowed in the museum and on the former camp, but not in the reader’s tent.

Mail your request to info@kampwesterbork.nl, after the 27th of January your mail will be answered as soon as possible.